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Venus is a comprehensive NFT platform that links the real world, creates a virtual world and helps hundreds of millions of people open the value metaverse.

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What is NFT?

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Data files on the Internet can be copied at will, and NFT allows these data to obtain a digital ID card with unique identification by means of blockchain confirmation.


The number of NFT minting can be verified through the public blockchain network. The number is fixed, immutable, and comes from tamperable and verifiable scarcity.


The smallest unit of each NFT exists as a whole and cannot be circulated in units of measurement below [1] like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Venus advantage

The future is an era in which everything can be NFT. The application of NFT is no longer limited to works of art and collections, but will be extended to digital identity, copyright license, game assets, etc. Venus's mission is to build a value metaverse with NFT.

Easy to use

Venus products are simple and easy to use. Users can play NFT without programming ability, so that NFT can enter everyone's life.

Fully functional

Venus is a one-stop platform integrating NFT creation, NFT trading, NFT collection, NFT finance and other functions.

Low cost

Compared with other NFT platforms, Venus has low cost, can increase revenue, reduce costs and is more user-friendly.